Magsafe light stays green , not charging.


My MacBook Pro battery is not charging when I connect the MagSafe charger, the LED is slightly green and it does not charge my battery. I have reset the SMC and there is no change.

My battery died so I bought a new battery it has 70% charged so my system booted up so I can reset SMC, but when I connect it to MagSafe the light on it goes to green and not charging. The battery icon on top when I click say not charging.

I disconnected the battery, and then plugged in to MagSafe adapter alone the LED on it still stayed green and in this situation. I can't even turn on my system, it turns on for few second then turn off.

I tried second MagSafe power adapter, nothing changed.

Does any one know of the solution?

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The charging logic on the logic board has a problem. You'll need to find someone who can fix it or replace the logic board.

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I change the charging logic on the logic board ( replace it)

But this time mac boot without battery just plugged in to power

Nothing change the same as before its not charging battery only green light


Can you explain more fully... What did you replace?


I replace board power

This one:


Thats the DC In-Board and does not effect the charging logic.

The logic is on the main board. Review this vid: How cheap eBay batteries DESTROY Macbook logic boards!


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