Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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It feels like there is barely any air coming out of the exhaust

So I've owned my Macbook Pro since 2014 and it's starting to overheat. There is barely any airflow at all, so I presume it's filled with dust. I checked with a flashlight and the ventilation part is completely filled with dust. I read online to turn the fans up to max speed and let it blow some of it out; didn't work. When I have my headphones on while listening to music and working, I let the fans spin at 5000 RPM so that it stays cool and hopefully blows out some dust. I've been thinking about opening it up and cleaning it, but don't have the expertise. My cousin wanted to do it but didn't have the screw tip needed to open it up. I would go to the Apple Store but my warranty has been gone since almost 2 years, so that would cost me at least a kidney. The only airflow it has is on the right side and it's very little. Is this normal and am I just worrying, or does this mean that it's really filled up? The left side and most of the right side has no airflow at all except that little bit. Am I fine or will my computer explode? Thanks in advance!

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Don’t be shy, order a needed tools (torx screwdriver) and follow the MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2013 Fan Replacement .

It’s very easy to remove dust from you Macbook.

You risk more if it overheats.

This way you can see if the fan is spinning or is jammed with dust.

Have fun

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Get a can of Can'ed air and a soft paint bush to carefully scrub the surfaces then short blasts of air to push the dust out.

Don't use a vacuum! And make sure to carefully disconnect the battery first.


Looking at the guide, it actually looks surprisingly simple. Take out the screw, brush some of it of and than use canned air to spray it out? It's that easy? I'll most likely order the screw and do it with supervision of my cousin who used to do this type of thing for his work (to make sure I don't break anything.) I would've expected it to be a lot harder! Thanks for the guide and tips, I'll be careful and I'll have fun :D


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