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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Is this an OEM LCD screen assembly or a generic one?

I just bought a replacement LCD screen assembly for my cracked screen iPhone 6 Plus from eBay but apparently it looks slightly different than the one installed (which I'm not sure is original too since I bought the phone used). The seller claims it's an original part pulled off a used phone (not refurbished). Does anyone here have an experience to spot the difference if it wasn't original?

Block Image

This is the old screen (with red marks)

Block Image

This is the one I bought (with blue marks)

Notice the differences in the marked areas.

So what do you guys think??

Thanks in advance!

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Hmmm...first of all, it's highly unlikely that anything bought off of eBay is a full original part. Ask yourself this question...was this an inexpensive screen compared to what quality vendors like iFixit, MobileSentrix or InjuredGadgets sells? If you answer yes, then there's not much reason to believe the eBay vendor.

What's not clear here is whether or not the Front Camera & Sensor flex shown was already installed on the replacement screen or if you transferred it over. There is an Apple Logo on that flex so that would indicate that the flex is original. Take a closer look at the other flexes to see if the have logo's. Also look for any stamps or stickers. That would indicate aftermarket parts.

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Thanks for your kind reply. The flex cable came preassembled. But again it could be just an original flex cable for the front cam and prox sensor. Do you have any thoughts regarding the highlighted areas? Like does any particular form look more familiar for an OEM screen than the other?


I tend to focus on micro-soldering so I'm not an expert on OEM vs Aftermarket. I tend to believe the upper photo is OEM...perhaps @benjamen50 can chime in.


To tell if a screen has a original LCD you look for the apple logo on these areas:

If it is not on the black glass area it means the screen has been refurbished which is OK as the display is still original just with a replaced glass because the original glass on it was cracked before.

The top image looks original and the bottom image looks more closer to aftermarket.


Thank you @refectio for following up, I agree the top pic is probably the OEM part. And thanks @benjamen50 for the picture, I assume then the screen I bought is an aftermarket one, I contacted the seller accordingly. Stay blessed guys :)


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