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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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MacBook waterdamaged does not turn on

Hi guys,

I spilled water on the keyboard of MacBook while trying to take out a charger from my backpack. (Two days ago)

-My MacBook's battery was dead before spilling water

- I had a keyboard cover, so thought the water didn't get into the MacBook. I quickly cleaned up the water on keyboard cover.

However, when I pressed few keys to check the Macbook, it didn't show me the battery and charger image thing it just showed before I spilled water.

So I dried about 12 hrs, and connected Macbook with a charger. The charger worked correctly, showing green and turned to orange as charging.

I then tried to turn on the Macbook by pressing few keys, but it didn't turn on. (Tried less than a min) Then, I quickly disconnected the charger, and let it dry a day.

Today, I opened up the Macbook and didn't see any water trace. However, one LSI has pink small three dots as picture shows. I pulled out the logic board, and found out that a LSI locating back of logic board turned red.

I used q-tips and alcohol to clean up the whole board just in case.

Do you guys see what might be wrong, and what should I do further before I assembe again?

Thank you in advance!!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Board looks pretty clean but sensors have been activated by water. Unfortunately faulty components do not always look faulty or burnt, sometimes even a scorching hot shorted IC cannot be spotted by eyes only. I would try plugging in magsafe with the bare minimum, no battery, no keyboard, screen etc.. just to make sure it doesn't start because of a shorted external component, typical would be keyboard. Lcd connector area seems clean, probably (hopefully) screen is still good. If board starts, reattach parts one by one until you find what's faulty. If you have no signs of life you'll have to find a good technician or replace logic board.

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Thank you! I have zero background on Macbook. So, when you say 'plugging in magsafe with the bare minimum', do I just plug the charger without whole logicboard?

Also, how do you know most sensors have been actived by water?

Thanks again!


I mean to connect logic board and magsafe board and plug in magsafe cable as when you charge it. The board would selfstart if it's working and you might want to connect the fan to see if it starts spinning after a few minutes and confirm logic board has started.

Activated sensors are the red dots shown in the pictures, whereas a normal one is the white one close to the lcd connector.


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