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My Lg TV 50pg3000 model No light No picture No sound just stanby

Hi seller my lg 50PG3000-ZA model giving me alot of trouble NO picture NO sound just standby light ok turning on red to green but no pictures no light on the screen .

Bought another Power supply tested all voltages okay have changed the 2 Buffer-boards and the Y-board still not working.

Onto the logic board is standby green light (not blinking) but with the remote control is turning off/on have just changed the Air-sustain board and logic board now STILL not working

Now with this explanation what do you think is gonno be the problem? Will great to hear from you soon as you can thanks

Now i bought the Main-board still not working what next should I do? All voltage test okay but still not working.

In addition question can the logic board be blinking when buffer board are disconnected? Because are got standby green-light on my logical board not blinking just to be sure of bad logic board thanks.

Is so annoying now if any one knows better can help

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let us know which boards you changed " just changed the Air-sustain board and logic board now STILL not working" is not very descriptive. What else have you checked?


Funny anough all the board have changed all including the 2 buffers together with Y-board the power supply the main board with X sustain board finally logic board all changed .

Sir my question was can logic board blink after removing buffer board for quick test? Just wanna know if my and one i bought is faulty or not


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oidentity777 check the components based on the LG flow chart for your set and for your error. Right now it sounds like it is in protect mode

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