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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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Stuck on Apple logo after screen repair (iPhone 7+)

I’ve repaired several iPhone 7 Plus devices. About 50% of the time, the phone gets stuck on Apple logo after repair is done. I’ve read a few threads on this issue and there seems to a broad opinion on what may be the issue. I always thought it may be hardware issue but I am ruling that out on this most recent device.

Any other thoughts?

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Have you tried putting the old screen back on and seeing if it fully boots?


Thank you guys! I’ve known about the home button and front camera being the cause of it but over rul d those out on this device. This was my first time hearing about he Audio IC. I’m assuming that is a board level repair


Hiya, I had this problem after changing a friends screen. I must of damaged it but there were no obvious signs. I had a hunch it was the proximity sensor and it was. Changed and the phone turned straight on. It would not boot with it on or off so only way to test was to buy a new one.

Hope this helps.

Have seen the problems the ic's are causing.

Get the S9, amazing phone and no problems!


You need to connect your home button wire and the top camera spk wire too. With out these it will freeze in apple logo. Once you connect everything the lcd will work. If it happens after that it might be something else. Thats what happened with iphone 7.


After I changed the proximity sensor it was still acting up.

The little metal shield that covers the proximity sensor cable on the housing must of been touching metal because I found the phone has worked no problems in 3 months without that little bit of metal. Have had no complaints since.


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Common causes of stuck on apple logo or takes like 5 minutes to boot:

- Audio IC going bad, this will cause it to get stuck on apple logo indefinitely or not being able to do a voice memo recording.

- Home button or Front camera ribbon cable damaged. Damaged Home button will cause it to take a long time to boot.

To rule out front camera simply leave it unplugged and keep Home button plugged in to turn on.

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Hi, Ben. What do you mean "leave it unplugged and keep the Home button plugged in...?" I am trying to understand how to rule out the front camera (which the phone took a hard hit in that area), but don't really understand how to rule it out.


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Almost always in my experience it has something to do with the front camera proximity cable. The hold up at the Apple screen is due to the proximity sensor being blocked by something or the leads on prox weren’t covered back up by the little black plastic cover that comes off when your pulling the prox off. It’s very easy to miss but seems as though it is needed to not allowing the leads on the prox not to touch the back of the phone directly.

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Yeah it's probably an issue with how the OP is removing the front cam flex. If not done carefully / right there is a higher risk of damaged front camera assemblies.

As always applying heat on adhesives when removing is recommended which the front cam and Home button cables have.


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I'm having the same problem, brought a complete screen apart from the home button , so it had the speaker, camera and prox already fitted, works fine with the top ribbon disconnected but as soon as the ribbon is connected it stops the home button working and won't boot up

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