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Released June 2016, identified by model number A3003 in Europe, A3000 in China and North America (according to

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OP3 Changing 'logic' board (cpu, mem ..)


I dropped my oneplus 3 one time to many and my screen is cracked (still working tough). I got a donor phone with a bad charging port.

I found the awesome screen replacement guide here, but seeing the whole video I was wondering:

Wouldn't it be easier to user the donor phone as my new phone, while replacing the charging port AND logic/mother board from my old phone?! (less 'screws' to undo ...).

But my biggest concern is, loss of data! Since there is no decent tool to backup android devices without your phone being rooted... ?)

thanks for the help!

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The data is on a memory chip on the logic board, so you don't need to worry about any data loss. Just make sure you put the board you want on.

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Hi, thanks, that indeed worked!

(took me blood (literally), sweat and (almost) tears, but got it open at last!)


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