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Replaced AirPort, still No WiFi/Bluetooth

Hi all,

The wifi and Bluetooth on my MacBook stopped working some tome ago. The strange thing was sometimes the wifi worked after startup and would just randomly stop or stop when I’d move the MacBook. (the Bluetooth stopped working and never started working again).

I even got the “no hardware installed” message eventually.

So I replaced the AirPort card with one from iFixit. Installed it, Bluetooth worked for about an hour and wifi just quit working as well.......

What now? I feel like throwing it out of the window and purchasing a new one (which I can’t afford so I’ll have to put that idea on hold).

Any ideas? Do I need to replace the antenna? Or the cable connecting the AirPort card to the motherboard? Any help would be pretty awesome. Thank you!

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It's impossible to tell for sure without testing..the fact that you had on and off for some time when moving the Mac would make me think of a cable failure. If you're planning to try replacing it yourself you'll have to take into account the possibility you buy again good parts you don't really need might as well be a logic board failure. Try cleaning the connectors with alcohol just to be on the safe side, but beside that you'd better find a lab where they could try testing the mac with a working screen assembly.

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