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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Cold water intake hose doesn't seem to be working

Howdy! My hot water hose takes in water but the cold hose doesn't. If I swap the hot water hose over onto the cold tap it will take on the cold water. If I swap the cold water hose onto the hot water tap it won't take on the hot water. Is it just a new cold water hose? I'd be happy just to use the hot water hose on the cold tap (as i never use hot water to wash) but the machine takes on the water, does the first half of the wash, then drains and when it is meant to do the rinse cycle it just stops and pauses there. It sounds like it wants to take on water but it won't - even though it did for the first half of the wash!

I've had the machine for 11 years so it's done me a great service and I love it. Is it all over now?

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Hi @frankiejean ,

Check the filter located in the end of the hose (the end that goes into the machine) to see if it is blocked at all.

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My hot water hose has a washer and filter int the end that attaches to the tap, but my cold water hose doesn't. Is that normal? It must have always been like this because it couldn't have just disappeared!


Hi @frankiejean ,

Usually both hoses have the filter in the end.

Turn off the tap connected to the 'cold water hose' and then disconnect the "cold water hose" from the machine and place the end in the laundry tub (or machine tub if no sink available) and then turn on the tap and check the flow from the hose. If it is an old hose sometimes it "collapses' internally blocking the flow.

If the flow is blocked then a new hose should fix the problem.

Just a thought.


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