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Craftsman 917.288700 not starting

Craftsman 917.28700 not starting. No sound or anything heard when key turned over. Replaced battery, solenoid, wiring harness, seat safety switch, clutch attachment switch, and ignition. Can jump off between solenoid and battery or battery and starter. When started blades dont engage unless I kinda bounce on seat. When started and brake off It will die, so I know the safety switch on the seat is working.

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The above link is to the wiring diagram for your mower. First, I would also check the fuse that is inline between the solenoid and ignition, and do a pin-to-pin continuity to make sure the wire harnesses are not damaged. Specifically check the solenoid (white wire connection) to pin S on the ignition - I would also check this with the PTO both engaged and disengaged, as well as the clutch/brake pedal on and off. This will also test the PTO and clutch switches in line.

Since you've replaced everything else, my guess is the PTO Switch which is breaking the circuit between the ignition and the solenoid. Remove, clean the contacts and see what happens. Maybe even give it a wiggle while trying to start.

UPDATE 5/17/18:

Okay, your measurements show you have an open circuit between the ignition pin S and the solenoid's white wire post, so now we need to find out where we lose continuity. I just realized that what I call the PTO switch, your mower calls a Clutch Attachment Switch but labels it as the PTO switch in the diagram. So I'm going to still call it the PTO switch since that's what I'm used to and that's what the wiring diagram calls it.

First, let's check the PTO switch. Remove the PTO switch and test between pins C and H on the switch. You should have continuity when the switch is disengaged and no continuity when engaged. If not, then replace.

Second, with the PTO switch still removed, test continuity between ignition pin S and to where the PTO switch pin C plugs into the harness. This should have continuity. If not, you have a broken wire in the harness (it is labeled as the white wire on the diagram). You can either fix or replace the harness.

Third, with the PTO switch still removed, test continuity between the white wire post of the solenoid and to where the PTO switch pin H plugs into the harness. This check goes through the Clutch/Brake switch, so test when the clutch/brake is both in the down and up positions. Up should show continuity and Down should lose continuity. If not, you will need to inspect the area where the clutch/brake pedal and the wiring harness meets. Most likely a dirty terminal, a loose connection, or a broken wire.

Now, as to your question of whether depressing the brake should disengage the blades... No. The wiring diagram shows the PTO switch at pin D goes to the electric clutch directly, and does not go through the clutch/brake. Additionally, the clutch/brake pedal is part of the starter circuit and should not affect an already running engine.

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I am not getting any continuity between the (s) on the ignition and the white wire post. When I hook up my multimeter to the ignition (s) to (b) and turn the key over I get continuity. When I hook up my multimeter to the actual wiring harness where (s) connects to and run it to the solenoid not getting any continuity either. I do get continuity from the wiring harness to the white wire though. Should the blades disengage or kill my mower if I push the parking brake in?


Got it fixed, thanks for the help turns out on the replacement harness is a substitution from a husqvarna mower. There was a positive wire that had a plug on it, though it went to the hour meter or battery ammeter. Turns out it goes to the battery, cut the end put a connector on it and hook it up to the battery. Starts right up lights turn on, blades engage right away all my safety switches are working. Thanks again


I have a craftsman 3000, where do the clutch or brake wires go? I found one dragging or hanging loose beside the morrow., I can’t start it, and I don’t know where it is supposed to go. I’m an old man and can’t get under to see where it goes I know its. Simple but I have looked,


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