Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone6 dead after repair and rare behavirour

Hello, my wife's phone suffered an accident resulting with the screen destroyed and the metal case severely damaged, but it still worked. I bought a new metal outer case, screen and battery, I unmounted all the parts from the old case and put them in the new one, it worked well except the loudspeaker. I put a new loudspeaker and it did not work, next I changed the charging connector ribbon. When I tested the phone was dead. I left it to continue working on the phone the next day, without the battery connector plate and without the screen connectors metal plate mounted. Next day first thing I did was connecting the battery charger and I the screen worked. Next I turned the phone on and it worked. I made a call to my wife's call and the ring worked, apparently everything was OK!. I switched it off and reinstalled the two unmounted plates, I closed the phone and since then is dead. I have checked for loose connectors, I removed both plates, I have done the force trick with the power and home button pressed for ten secs but nothing, any idea? thanks.

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Did you keep track of the screws? Putting the wrong screws in the wrong holes, especially for the screen bracket can cause "Long-Screw Damage". The screw ends up eating into the logic board and damages some copper traces that are below the standoffs. There are various issues this can create, including a dead phone.

Do you have a picture of the damaged housing?

My other suspicion is that the logic board was bent by the damage to the housing. When you screw it back in place in the new housing, you are essentially bending it back. Either way, a lot of stress is applied to the logic board and it is likely that some solder balls are cracked.

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thanks for your comment, I was careful with the screws, and in fact after the housing repair everything except the loudspeaker was working fine. It was after the charging port replacement that firstly it did not work, next day it worked, and when I put the metal covers of the connectors it died.


That was my point about the screws. The phone "died" after you secured the brackets. Remove the screws and look inside the standoffs. It should be black (with some blue bits). If the pcb looks scratched, then it may be LSD.


To be honest I do not think so, I have worked some years repairing electronic devices and I am used to pay attention to this details. Also take into account it did not worked right after I changed the charging ribbon, it worked the next day... any idea about why it worked after resting some 12 hours?, thanks


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