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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Mini 3 is the successor to the iPad Mini Retina (now known as the iPad mini 2).

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What to do with tape on replacement digitizer?

I’m replacing the front panel on my son’s iPad mini 3. After disassembly and cleaning up all the shards of broken glass, I am ready to reassemble using the replacement part I ordered from ifixit.

I’m at the point of plugging the new digitizer board in, but the board is wrapped with black tape. The original digitizer board was not. So is this just protection for shipping that needs to be removed for installation, or should I leave the tape on the digitizer board?

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By "black tape" do you mean a peel-off adhesive, because the digitizer board is supposed to be attached to the rear case (see Steps 46-47 in the below guide where the digitizer is removed from the back case), and iFixit typically includes an adhesive pre-installed on the parts for your to "peel-off" for reattachment. Now, if you mean "wrapped" as in wrapped around front and back, then this isn't normal.

iPad Mini 3 LTE Front Panel Replacement

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I was using the WiFi model guide..... well because I have a WiFi model, but the LTE guide you linked to actually has more detail on it that actually matches what I'm seeing better. Thank for pointing it out.


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