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iPhone 7 screen keeps ON-OFF after screen replacement

I had iPhone 7 screen replacement with grade AAA screen. A new screen was working fine after tested everything, Now, when I closed the new screen on the phone to put final two screws, display just disappeared and was turning on and off and it is keeping turning on and off for long.

After that, I did not try anything else.

I am assuming it is because of a non-original screen?

or Apple has created this problem to discourage third-party repairs

or its battery went wrong with the new screen

or it needs to connect with iTunes to repair software.

or shall I try original broken screen back

What do you think?

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Anyone of your assumptions could be correct...:>).

When dealing with a defective replacement screen, trying the original screen is always a nice option to help you troubleshoot the problem. Keep in mind that the iPhone 7 requires that the camera & sensor flex be installed to properly boot. Beyond that, check the connections, check the flexes and connectors for damage and inspect the inside to see if anything (like a loose screw) may have caused the issue.

Also check what version of iOS the device has (use the original screen).

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Thanks for your answer.

It's latest iOS.

Camera flex cable was installed before turning on.

In fact, it was working after replacing the new screen, after few minutes to start the first time, it went off and on and it keeps till now.


So try the original screen to help eliminate a variable. It could just be bad screen.


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