Joy-Con are the primary controllers for the Nintendo Switch game console.

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After opening the Joycon, it works only attached to the switch.

The thing is: I messed it up.

I tried to put a transparent shell on my joycon and the right one now can only work attached to the switch. I've already cheked the battery and it's working fine.

I think it's something related to the motherboard, but I can't tell for sure. Someone here have a better understanding about the joy con circuit?

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Cheers mate.

Not sure if it's the same issue I had, but in my case the SL button wasn't connected to the joy cons mainboard. That's why I couldn't use it in horizontal mode, but attached to the Switch.

Hope that helps.


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Actually I've already sent it to the repair support. According to them, anything could have caused this, but unfortunatelly it really was a motherboard problem. I don't know how I managed to break it, but I just had to use another Mobo and now everything is working fine.


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