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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 water damage with VCC_MAIN short

Hi all!!

I have an iPhone 6 that took a bath in the toilet. Before it turns forever into a “$@$*!&” phone, I started to repair it but now I have few problems that maybe some good users can give some help.

Here are the steps I did so far:

1 - I have disassembled the main board and took all the EMI shields out. The damage is clear and I could see a lot of corrosion marks in some main capacitors.

2 - I started cleaning the hole board with a good and proper solution and everything looks fine now.

3 - Then I have tested the VCC_MAIN and it was short. I tested with a good power supply with the current limit set to 1.5amps and it was obviously short because the power supply reaches immediately the limited current.

4 - I took a look on the VCC_MAIN line and I found some dead and short capacitors which I have removed already.

Q1 - Now I have no short anymore but the VCC_MAIN resistance is between 20 and 30 ohm. Is this a normal value? Before it was 0 ohm = short.

5 - after that I tried to power the board again and the current dropped to 0.6amps, which obviously means that there's still a problem elsewhere.

6 - I have found that the U1501 was heating (no other IC was getting hot) by dropping some flux over it, even with those 0.6amps.

7 - then I have followed all the capacitors in the power lines supplied by that IC and I have found some more shorts which I have also removed, but still I am having a short somewhere and I dont know where.

Q2 - should I remove the IC U1501 and test the VCC lines before I end with no caps?

Q3 - After removing that IC the VCC_MAIN should give a higher resistance value?

What would the next steps?

Thank you very much and if you could help me I would really appreciate.

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You might want to bring it to a local phone and computer company. Or you can ask Apple for help.


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VCC_MAIN at 20-30 Ohms is too low. You should be reading approx. 0.350V in Diode Mode. You still have a partial short that you will need to find. Even if one cap on a line is short, they will all look short. Finding a VCC_MAIN short can be a pian in the you know what.

It may be another cap but if U1501 was in bad shape, I would remove it to see if that removes the short. Otherwise, You will have to remove stuff one by one until you find it.

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Challenge accepted. thank you.

I'll update next week.


Please update us as you move through the process.



After removing U1501 I have VCC_MAIN resistance at around 480 Ohms and 0.331V in diode mode.

Are those good readings?

Will it boot without this IC?

As far as I know, U1501 is an IC for powering the display ...

Thank you :)


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