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I need to try and recover the battery for this camera

I have a Sony Mavica MVC-FD100 camera I got because I used them in high school years ago and was open to owning one since. This is one of the newer ones with MS support, but this isn't the main point of this post.

The battery it came with worked at the time but sat too long and overdischarged. I am aware the NP-F330 is a common battery, but I'd prefer to try and recover this one since I already have it.

I tried using an 18650 attached externally to the terminals of this battery plugged into a camcorder and it looked like I got somewhere. It turns out this didn't work and as soon as I disconnected the jumpstart it discharged immediately. Either the battery is smart enough to know that, it's damaged or the BMS can detect cheats like that. While it is still dead, it may have done something. Prior to this it didn't register at all but since then it works but doesn't charge.

Anyway, I'm looking for some potential ideas to get this battery going again. I'm sure it's probably still good like most of these OEM Sony batteries, but I need a safe and reliable way to nudge it since it's probably not going to be easy to bring it back to life.

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Hey bud, if you don’t wish to buy a new battery, how about buying a cheap charger? These do ignore certain instructions to not charge old part worn batteries and you can get more from seamingly dead batteries

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I'm willing to replace it IF the battery is damaged or compromised, but I'd like to take a shot at saving the original since Sony batteries are usually much better then the cheap clones.

It's also uncommon to find an original battery since most of them are dead or overdischarged to the point of rejection and replaced.


Ok bud, try a £2:50 charger from eBay this should ignore instructions to not charge a partially bad battery like the genuine chargers seem to.


The battery is toast. Fake charges and dies.

I accepted this answer since it woke the battery up but did not recover it.


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