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Why is my right clicky barely works on my Mionix naos 7000?

My right (and left too nowadays) click doesnt function as it should be. If I shoot in a game or something, the beam (at Mercy's dmg boost for exmaple) just jumping. That means it gives the signal that im not holding it constantly. I'm thinking about the wire but I'm not sure on that. The click sounds normal, feels normal.

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Hi bencecsengeri

Your mouse micro switch could be faulty, when you need to click more than one times to perform the action or press hard.

Sadly those micro switches has a lifespan....... I had fixed some of it, like logitech, lenovo, microsoft, yea..... those micro switch are affordable, and if you have a soldering iron, you can consider opening up the mouse and replace the defective micro switch.

some micro switch vendors, like omron, panasonic, alps, etc,

if you wish to repair by yourself, you need to open up the mouse to check on the micro switch and try searching the parts on ebay or aliexpress.

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I have the same issue with my Naos 7000, the switch you need is an Omron D2FC-F-7N(20M). You can find new ones for a couple of dollars US.

Like the other reply mentioned, you will need a soldering iron if you want to repair it yourself. But you can also buy the switch and take it to most electronic repair shops as well. Good luck.

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