MBP suddenly shows blue screen, shuts down

I am using a 2011 MBP 15" with Mac OS High Sierra from my wife and after a few days of no problem, it happened:

  • A hot battery
  • Fans making a lot of noise
  • Flickering in the screen, then blue
  • Then it restarts itself

I shut it down and after some time restarted

  • After a few restarts, same problem every time.

Situation (that might give some clues):

  • MBP power cord was plugged in last few days (of no problem), when blue screen happened, it wasn't (battery was around 20%)
  • Google Drive (local) failed to load. When quitting it and restarting it , the blue screen happened right away (might be a coincidence).

We've had this problem before, but the local computer repair company said they could not find anything

Any tips for a non-techie?

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