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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Could it be the logic board?

My friend spilled soup on his Macbook and gave it to me to fix. Nothing happens when you push the power button. And the battery is not being charged when its plugged in (the light remains green on the power adapter despite the battery being dead). I've taken the entire thing apart and scrubbed the logic board gently with alcohol and still nothing. Could it just be the board that's the problem or potentially the power button/keyboard assembly since it was spilled on that too.

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You have to replace the top cover assembly. Since it's all one piece it usually takes the brunt of the spill. Depending on how much liquid got through to the logic board will determine if the board is bad as well.

The first thing I would try is to remove the top cover assembly and then plug the unit in and see if the adapter changes from green to the charging color. If it does, then the top cover assembly is shorted and should be your only problem. If it still remains green like its not charging, then you can be pretty sure its the logic board. UNLESS the battery is bad. Try all of the above with a different battery first.

I've also had spills that corroded the little jack that you plug the adapter onto. Replacing the jack fixed the problem for me once before. You can usually see if this jack is bad. It will look really nasty inside.

Thats about all I have.. good luck!

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+ also check your battery connector


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