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My tv shut off and never turned on

Hello all

I have a UN55MU6290F

I bought it less then 6 months ago

There was a power outage and my tv shut off and never turned on

There ain't no power or light on my tv.

I unplugged tv and hit the power button in the back held it for 30 seconds and nothing

What do I do I have no tools to fix or even to check this

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How much would this be to get this fixed


Depends on what you find. If it just the fuse then it'll be pennies. If it is the power board itself you'd be looking at no more than around $50USD


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immortal_outlaw_03 you first want to check if you have power to the outlet. Use a light or similar that you can plug in and see if the outlet works. If it does you will need to check your TV's power board. For that you need tools to remove the back and a meter to check the fuses. If you are getting to that point, post some pictures of your power board with your question, that way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. Without any tools etc. you are not going to get this fixed. Time to invest in some basic tools....

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