Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Possible battery bulge with screen light spots

So for the background: I realized my battery was on its last legs around christmas. I bought a battery replacement kit from here on 1/6/2018 and the whole process was super smooth. My battery life was back to something respectable and no issues.

Until about a week ago.

I started to notice a light spot toward the top of my screen (i'll attach pictures). It started to grow and is now a 'band' of what appear to be LEDs. I noticed that early on they would disappear if pressure was applied around the case...making me feel like this was a physical problem. I then noticed that my battery life was significantly diminished...i mean dramatically. I was getting through most of the day on a single charge, but now i'm lucky if my phone is alive by the time i get off the train in the morning.

Now, a week later, the band of lights is incredibly noticeable and the screen appears to be bulging away from the case itself.

Is this simply a matter of getting a new battery? I am only 4 months into the ifixit replacement battery and despite my previous experience with the dead battery from Apple, i never saw anything like this.

EDIT: Also secondary question...if this battery is faulty and causing this sort of expansion, is it possible that my screen is permanently damaged?

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For clarification have you ever replaced the LCD on your device?


I have not. The only repair that has ever been made or needed was the battery. The phone has lived a boring life with no water damage, drops, diseases, family struggles, etc.


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It looks like the battery is expanding (ballooning) and exerting pressure on the screen assembly. That is a common symptom of a dead or dying battery. iFixit offers lifetime warranty on their batteries so contact support ( and work with them for a proper resolution.

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Ok i've put in an email to them and hopefully this is the issue. Is there a way to mitigate the impact of this until i am able to replace the battery? I have actually upgraded to a new phone, but plan on keeping this one for as long as possible to use as a backup/business phone.


The risk is that as the battery continues to bulge, it may eventually damage the screen. I would open up the phone, disconnect the battery, remove it and if iFixit doesn't ask for it in return, dispose of it properly and securely.


ok solid. I will do exactly that. Thank you for all the support and hopefully i can resolve this before any permanent damage occurs.


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