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Ribbon connection contacts stuck in logic board connector.

Changing the screen on an iphone 7+. I was disconnecting the lower ribbon cables, and I had difficulty lifting the larger of the two. When it came off, a row of metal contacts tore away from the ribbon connector and are now stuck in the logic board connection.

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Any possible solution to this? I've been trying to very gently extract them with the tiniest, pointiest objects I have on hand, but they won't budge, and I don't want to further damage the connector. I also tried to press some tape to it and pull it out that way, but that only damaged the surrounding black padding.

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I wouldn't worry about the surrounding black padding. It is there to help the water resistance of the device but once you've opened it up, it will never be fully water resistant again. You should be able to lift it up with some fine pont tweezers or pick. Obviously, you want to be careful not damage the female connector on the logic board. You could try putting some IPA on the connector and brush lightly with a toothbrush to help lube it up and see if that helps.

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