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Fans are running on full blast and laptop is overheating.

Hey guys, so here's my issue:

Randomly yesterday, while browsing the internet, my laptop's fan started getting pretty loud for some weird reason, like there's something stuck in it. This happened on my Windows partition.

So, next thing I do is just clean the internals of all dust.

After that, I tried resetting the SMC, but either it's not working or it has no effect. My Magsafe charger doesn't change light colours like other people's do.

I'd really love if anyone knows if this issue can be solved, since it's causing a lot of overheating and my fan is running ridiculously slow after this.

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Download this gem of an app: CoconutBattery take a screen shot of the main window and paste it here for us to see with the charger plugged in Adding images to an existing question


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Check the trackpad cable pins for corrosion/burnt puns and trackpad connector on trackpad PCB. Common cause of high fan spin, especially if SMC is not working either, since it can stop SMC_RESET voltage from going low.

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