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Install optical drive in external enclosure

Hello, my old MacBook Pro just died due to a logic board issue. It was already repaired once so I've moved on to a newer model. However, I am interested in removing the optical drive and placing it in an external enclosure, so that I can use it as an external disc drive. I've already done this with the hard drive from the old MacBook. My question is, will the OEM optical drive fit the enclosure linked below? My Google-fu is failing me when it comes to figuring out what optical drive is installed in this MacBook, and whether it will fit in this enclosure.

Thanks in advance!

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This is probably the drive you are working with:

Unibody (Post-Early 2009) 8x SATA SuperDrive

Unibody (Post-Early 2009) 8x SATA SuperDrive afbeelding


Unibody (Post-Early 2009) 8x SATA SuperDrive


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Will it work in that enclosure though? OWC support advised me that the enclosure requires a 9.5mm drive..not sure what that means or if that drive is “9.5mm”


Yes, the OWC case will work for your removed optical drive so you can continue to use it.


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