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Lightning headphones cut out after tapping the bottom back.

So with the headphones plugged in to my 7+, if I tap the bottom back of my iPhone with my knuckles my headphones cut out. The headphone controls don't do anything, and the phone's up/down toggle adjusts volume not headphones. The ear speaker doesn't work during a phone call. I have the restart the phone for everything to work correctly. Charging, however is unaffected.


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The latest iOS update is causing problems with early builds of the 7 and 7+ phones.

Mine would act like the headphones were plugged in to the lightning port, even when not. My headphones would stop playing sound and the remote controls wouldn’t do anything. The phone volume buttons would say volume instead of headphones and the ear speaker wouldn’t do anything during a call. One last symptom was that when looking at one of your voicemails, the bottom left control for that particular VM said “Audio” instead of “Speaker”.

Apple just replaced mine under warranty.


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Hmm...I don't like the idea of tapping the device with your knuckles, the iPhone 7 series phones already have enough issues with bad traces and solder connections as it is.

You could try to replace the lightning port by following this guide but if that doesn't solve your problem, you may have a logic board issue. The Audio IC, which manages all of the microphones and output has some very delicate traces which are prone to cracking. This requires reballing of the Audio IC and strengthening of the weak traces. Obviously this is a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

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Well i only noticed the issue when I set the phone down on the table. The top touched and the bottom dropped half an inch; hardly enough to be damaging. The knuckle tap was a good way to reproduce it, I'm not beating on my phone regularly. Thanks for the info.


I figured as much it's just that other people will read this in the future and I want to get the message across that tapping electronics is generally not a good idea.


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