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Are all 2012 MacBook Air logic boards interchangeable?

I have a 2012 MacBook Air (A1466) that had liquid damage.

Everything points to something on the main board (will not power up). Tried new I/O board & new battery. The power adapter works.

I have been looking on eBay and other sites, but I'm not sure which, if any, would be compatible.

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How do I know which 661-xxxx number I need if mine has a 820-xxxx number? I think the M.D. numbers people are listing are for full mac machines because when I Google the numbers, they take me to apples website or other apple dealers. Example number would be a listing for a " MacBook air 13" a1466 mid-2012 logic board. Includes MD628LL logic board" similar md numbers listed for many logic boards. Are all of these compatible with my mid 2012 a1466 13" MBA?


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To be on the safe side take note of the logic board number..it's written in quite small characters but can be found with a good light source. It starts with 820-xxxx

With that available you won't have any trouble in finding the correct replacement.

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Here's the IFIXIT parts:

- MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2012) 1.8 GHz Logic Board

- MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2012) 2.0 GHz Logic Board

There you'll find the Apple part numbers which is the best way to search for a replacement. Keep in mind the first part is the 4 GB board and the second is the 8 GB board.


Thanks guys. That helps a lot. Most of these are listed with a 661-xxx or an MDxxx.. numbers. Is there any correlation?


Where are you seeing MDxxx being used? I'm suspecting that's just the vendor selling the part under their parts numbering. Apple uses 661-xxxx for their parts number. I would focus on the Apple P/N.


I agree with @danj , if you want to avoid possible mistakes stick with Apple part number or logic board number..as indicated that you'll find right on the logic board.


How can i tell which 661xxx correlates with my 820xxx number?


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