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I heard a "Pop" & the TV went dark & no sound.

I have an LG model# 47LS5700 built & bought in Dec., 2012. I had the same symptoms as above 2 nights ago while watching my 47" Smart LG LED TV, I heard a "Pop" & the TV went dark & no sound. The cable box was still on & the power light on the TV was still on. I walked up to the TV & smelled a burnt odor, so I unplugged the TV. The next day I opened my TV & looked at both boards. I couldn't see any evidence of burnt traces or other burnt parts on the top or back of both boards.

I looked closer with a magnifying glass & I saw a part on the power board that appeared white, not like any other part. I thought it may be damaged/burnt. I lightly touched it with a screwdriver and some of the white part kind of dropped off like dust. I didn't see any other parts like that one, that were white, they were all Blue. I wondered if it could have been Blue like the other similar parts. Do you think it might have been blue and when it heated up [Popped], the blue rubber/plastic cover disintegrated?

I will send photos.

Update (05/02/2018)


Here are the pics I tried to add last night:

Block Image


Block Image


Block Image


Block Image


So far, you have been Right On Target with your help & advice. They have been extremely helpful.

I did just reply to your email I got this morning from support@ and also included the same photos I've attached here.

Please respond at your earliest convenience.


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@scassidy7 the blue part could have been a capacitor but until we see what you are looking at, everything is just a guess. Take a picture of all the boards and post those with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

Be aware of that you will at least have access to a multimeter in case we need to check some voltages etc. See if you can identify the part on the attached image from

Block Image


Block Image

Block Image

The board number is EAY62512701 (EAX64310401) and it is available for around $50USD at many places.

Update (05/03/2018)

The component that has failed on your board appears to be D607 which is a diode. Let me see if I can find out what type it is. Do you have the tools or connection to soldering equipment?

Update (05/03/2018)

Your power board underwent a revision at location D607 which is a PFC output diode. They went from an axial type to a TO-220 package type. Reference designator D607 is a STTH10LCD06FP and available at places like as well as many others.

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