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Sony Xperia XZ released at Oct, 2016. This video guide will show you how to repair the broken parts, and show some techenics about this phone.

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Screen-lock password stuck on google-talk

My 2-year son played with my Xperia XZ, and then i was gonna unlock screen , instead of keabord showing up, its stuck on google talk. And google talk has frozen. So i cant type in my password to unlock my phone. I have restarted, tryed safe mode etc. Its totally stuck on (frozen) google-talk instead of showing keaboard. Help me please ...

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I had to hard-reset my phone to get it sort out. Sad. F-k google talk update


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i found some help on a website that would help you out if not i will recommend to do a factory reset you would lose all your information but it will take off the voice assistant

good luck and i hope you can get it fix

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