This all purpose Android tablet was released in May 2013. It features a 7" 800x480 LCD screen, dual-core processing, and supports up to 32GB of additional memory.

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Inherited Godmother trio would like to add game app

I have been givin my God Mom Tri I would like to add games and music . I have att as my interest how to I use the trio

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Here is a link to the User manual for a Trio Stealth G2 (couldn't find the 'Hype' manual but it should be very similar).

You can add games by using the Play Store app to go online and find the games that you like. (connect to the internet via a WiFi connection in the tablet)

You can add music by connecting the tablet to a computer and copying various format audio files, over to the tablet, (tablet supports .mp3, .wma and (nonencrypted) .mp2, .ogg, .aac, .m4a, .ma4, .flac, .ape, .3gp, .wav files)

Insert a micro SD Card to increase the storage in the tablet, to store your music, videos and perhaps games (depending on permissions in the app). This leaves the internal storage available for games and other apps that you may want to install

Have fun!

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