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whirlpool direct drive washer odd behavior

Whirlpool ITW4300SQ0

Fills fine, agitates (first time) every time. Sometimes it goes into a drain or agitate cycle it stops with a low volume buzz, sometimes it won’t. Here is the weird thing though: I know it is checking for something because the times it stops: if i catch the 5 second buzzer before it stops, i can push the agitator forward and it will immediate start back up, if i dont stop it in time it times out and will not function at all for some time (maybe 2-4 mins) unpluging wont even reset it, you have to just wait and it will try again indefinitely. eventually it will go but sometimes takes hours. every time if i push the agitator forward it will go on the next try. i checked the drain pump and drain and it isnt blocked/no obstructions. i checked the coupling on the motor - perfect and i can spin both sides with ease. after i reassembled it ran the first delicate cycle with no issues then started again so it has something to do with mechanical aspect. also i found out delicate is the hardest mode because it checks after every agitator pause and presents many oppurtunities for this issue to arise. i would hate to give up on this because the washer is still operating great, still agitates strong and draining just fine. One more note: if it stops during a drain, it will start spinning when it starts up but thats only with this weird glitch when i have to open the lid and push on the agitator. if that doesnt happen then the washer acts normal. any help would be appreciated!

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So I figured it out: turns out the wire assembly going into the motor had intermittent contact on the red wire. Tension from the basket moving back and forth was causing it to be flaky and only sometimes work. Looks like moisture or something caused that particular contact to be all cruddy. I pinched/slightly crimped the contact to force a tighter connection and retapped the wires to relieve some tension and its all good. Only took me about 12 hours of disassembling and reassembling every part to figure it out. coulda been a 10 minute fix if id have known. On the plus side I feel like I know everything there is to know about this washer!

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