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Charger Problem with my Toshiba PC.


I have a laptop: Toshiba Portege R700-14L

but last week I had a problem with its charger.

When I plug the charger to the DC IN 19V port, it used to charge my laptop,

but last week it won't charge it.

The charger must be fixed in a position to charge the laptop but when it moves a little, it stops charging it.

I think the problem is in the cable of the charger, but I don't want now to disamble the charger and get involved with other things.

So how can I fix the charger so it will charge my laptop correctly at any position and not in a fixed position only?

Laptop Part Number: PT310E-02N00RG3

Charger Part Number: PA3714U-1ACA

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Have you verified that the problem is in the charger plug or cable and not in the DC-In power socket of the laptop?

Connect a Voltmeter to the plug at the end of the adapter cable and then flex the cable where it leaves the adapter or enters the plug at the end of the cable to check if the voltage reading on the Voltmeter stays constant or disappears and reappears.

If it stays constant regardless of the movement in the cable then the problem is not with the adapter cable but could be a loose or faulty DC-In power socket on the laptop.

Here is a video that shows how to gain access to the DC-In socket in the laptop.

Once you have access to the socket, if it is a separate component connected via a flex cable (as it appears to be indicated by suppliers of the replacement part, disconnect the socket and then use an Ohmmeter to test it for continuity etc.

If it is faulty then the list of suppliers may be helpful.

Verify that you get the correct part for your laptop as it might differ depending on the exact model number of your laptop.

Also it is not a recommendation to use any of the suppliers. It is shown to give an idea of what the part may look like and the cost of the part.

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