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Dishwasher by Bosch identifiable by the model number SHU5315UC-06.

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My bosch doesnt dry my dishes snd leaves a funny stale odor

My Bosch dishwasher always leaves my dishes wet after the initial wash cycler and it always has a funny stale odor what can I do

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I have a brand new dishwasher and noticed this the very first time I used it and every time since. It is quiet and cleans very well (although the cycle is longer than I expected). My 12-year old dishwasher did not smell. My Bosch has a stainless steel lining and the old one was just plastic,


I also have this issue, and have attributed it to the stainless steel liner. We have city water, although we live in a rural area. I've tried different tablets and keep the rinse aid full. I also feel it doesn't dry my dishes as well as my old Maytag. It's the Bosch 800 series.


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I would first try a good cleaning. Here's a video on doing that. Next mabe your drain hoses are siphoning back into the washer.



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drain hose is not setup correctly where it meets the plumbing and to properly dry needs to be set to "auto" and have sanitize turned on .. rinse aid is also a must

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