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LG K20 LCD Broken, need to get my data back.

Ok so a month ago, i shattered my LG K20 screen while walking and was devastated.So being me, i bought the glass replacement for it so "I" could fix it.But while repairing it i didn't remove the glass correctly and BROKE the lcd too, making it only show WHITE. Good thing i had a spare phone lieing around but i really need my conatcts . Even thought google does give me 3/4 of them but the rest are still in that phone.I Cant turn on USB Debugging and have looked around and havent found a awnser...

Can anyone help or am i doomed?

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@notgoodatfixing you are doomed for as long as you do not replace the complete display assembly. As you have learned first hand. a glass only repair is not something to tackle without practice. Check this video for the how to.

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