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Can't receive incoming landline calls. It gives caller a busy signal

My phone is hung up properly. I can make outgoing calls but cannot receive incoming. The caller receives a busy signal when calling.

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Hi @jillharrington1 ,

What signal do you get if you disconnect your landline phone from the phone socket and then call your number from another phone? (assuming that you have nothing else connected to the phone line - if so disconnect it as well e.g. another phone, adsl modem etc)

Can you hear any noise on the line when you pick up your phone and just dial a digit to break the dialing tone? A good line should be quiet, no static or noise.

If you still get a busy signal with everything disconnected from the phone line and your line is noisy (or even if it is not) contact your phone service provider and report the problem.

Tell them what you have tried.

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