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Static noise from main speaker after water damage

Ok, so I flipped my boat in the river and I don't know why but my phone was still in my pocket and fully submerged (~1m deep) for 10-30 seconds.

was already off after I pulled it out of my pocket except for some flickering of the screen with vertical lines+ multiple images. Also, the speaker played static noise.

had it in rice for 3 days and opened it to clean it today. Was able to turn it on to quickly make a back-up. Screen with lots of water stains (will propably just replace it)

But the speaker is still playing static.

Would you think putting it back in some rice for another couple of days would help or would you suggest to remove it and clean the contacts or just straight up replace it?

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turn it off and get it opened up straight away. the rice isn't going to get rid of the water or stop it corroding the internals of the phone. if your going to diy it then check for guides on removing the logic board, clean it with alchol/isoproponal and let it dry out.

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