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The tenth generation Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks that was produced by Ford Motor Company, it was sold from the 1997 to the 2004 model years.

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Why does my 1999 f150 lose all electrical power and engine dies.

My 1999 F150, auto, 4.6 V8 loses all electrical power and the engine dies. It starts up again but the same thing happens again later. This has been going on for about a month but recently it is happening more often. Died three time this morning. So far it seems to happen when slowing down like to stop. I have maintained this vehicle, it only has 116,000 miles and in good condition. Do you have any suggestions?


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I have read about the IAC but would it also shut down all of the electrical (gauges, lights, radio etc.)? It acts as if you had turned the key off and everything goes dead.


@cabranch47 you've checked the battery and the cables? Checked your fuse box for loose connections or corrosion?


My mechanic did find some vacuum leaks and fixed those. He replaced the battery (thought that it might have some internal intermittent defect). So far this seems to have fixed the problem, no issues since Friday. Might be a while before I can trust it but so far so good. Thanks for the input.


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Just to be clear, i’m not a car expert at all, just sometimes an issue jogs my memory :)

To me it sounds like you’re having trouble with the IAC (the intake air controller). It’s supposed to regulate the air intake when the engine will go to idle rpm (which it does when going towards a stop). When it fails to do this properly, the engine stops, and everything with it.

It can get polluted and fail to control, so getting it looked at might not be a bad thing. It’s just a hunch though, so take it as a pointer only.

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Hi i have a problem that started just a week ago. I have a 99 f150 and it started to shake and wont advance and then it turns off. I have to let it rest for 10 minutes and starts fine and drives fine. Then it starts again trembling and wont advanced


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