Selected songs stay at 0:00 - not playing after CF card.

I have two iPod minis of the same year. I have installed a new CF drive and it is synced, it starts OK. It shows the songs but, going to any song and hitting play shows the time of the song on the lower right, the progress bar, and 0:00 on the left. It stays that way. It stays at 0:00 and will not play. It is in play mode, but there is no movement of the progress bar and no movement from 0:00. This unit came from a Goodwill so who knows what problems it had before. Is this some setting problem I have to understand, or is this a logic board problem? Logic Board seems unlikely as this is not a folder icon anymore at startup (it used to be).

iTunes sync was done in several ways, fill extra space, don't fill extra space. Took it apart again and stuck the CF card into my mac at one point to make sure it was apple formatted.

CF is SanDisk Extreme 32 GB

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