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An all-in-one inkjet printer, scanner, copier series by HP. Model number CX042A.

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Why is it printing so small? Can't read the documents.

When I print a document it comes out extremely small. What needs to be adjusted

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When in your Browser:

Got to the upper right side and go to the three horizontal marks (The Menu).

Go down the list and select Print.

Go over to the scale and if it is not on 100%, then change it to 100%


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What program are you printing from? When the printer dialog box opens, what scale do you have it at? Does it print small for all document types (e.g. html, word document, pdf, etc.), or on only certain documents?

For example, if printing from Chrome, click on the "+More Settings" and see what the Scale is set at. If not set at 100, change it to be so. If printing from Adobe, set the "Page Sizing & Handling" to "Fit" - stay away from "Custom Scale". If MS Word, in the "Zoom" section, set "Scale to paper size" to "No Scaling".

Each program that you try to print from, typically has an option to adjust the scale of printing. Make sure it is set to 100%, or fit to page, or no scaling. If your scaling is correct, then you need to check your Printing Preferences.

To do this in Windows 10, go to your Printers & Scanners menu in Settings. You can click on search and just type "printers" and it should bring up the option. Click on your printer and select "Manage". Then, click on the "Printing preferences" link, this will open up the Printer Preferences dialog box. Click on the "Effects" tab, and make sure the "Actual size" option is selected. Also, go to the "Paper/Quality" and make sure Paper size is set to the proper paper size (Letter 8.5x11 inches is most likely what you want). Then, click OK/Apply.

If this doesn't work, then you may need to reinstall or upgrade the driver from your printer. You can download it from here:

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There is no "Effects" option on my HP printer. What is the other option?


when printing from my laptop the samsung xpress sl 2070m printer prints have the size of the original , whereas it prints normal when I print the same file from my mobile phone , I dont know why , may be because I recently reinstalled the drivers of my printer.


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When printing from your Browser, go into your browser, look in the top right upper corner and right click on the three horizontal bars (Menu for your browser). The go down and select Printer. Go towards the right and see what the Scale is set on. If it is not on 100%, then change it to 100%, Maureen Carven.

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its not the printer its the emails I am receiving all small for some reason help


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