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An industrial gas-powered stove by Vulcan.

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Safety Issue: Pilot goes out, but gas doesn't shut off. DANGEROUS!

This unit is a combo 6 burner with an oven and a flat-top. It belongs to a poor neighborhood church that offers a lot of charity services to non-profits etc, and I would like to help them if it's financially doable.

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See if this answer by AB Cellars solves your problem:

not staying on

The cheap and easy: Sometimes the pilot light will not stay lit because of corrosion on the mercury vapor bulb (mistakenly called a thermocouple on gas ranges). The corrosion takes away from the ability for it to heat properly, similar to how it affects heat of a soldering iron. Many times you can clean the bulb with sand paper or an emery board to bring it back to life. Another quick fix may be to clean the pilot light with a torch cleaner. If there is corrosion in it not allowing the temperature control unit to increase the pilot light enough to properly engulf the mercury vapor switch.

Please see my comments: wont go thru the gas I replace gas valve and the igniter for a few more ideas. If nothing in these 2 posts helps you then more than likely you will need to replace a part or 2. I worked on commercial restaurant equipment in the 90's professionally. Please tell us more.

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I apologize, I was reading this post again and noticed I may have missed somethings. It has been a long time since I worked on one of these and I approached this problem like it had been previously working on the site. If this is a new to you install, I would add: Make sure the pressure regulator is set for the proper gas (LP or NAT) also there is a screw on the temperature control valve that has about a half of turn to it to change between the 2 gasses, it will be well marked. If you find things to be setup for the wrong gas you will also need to reset the jets or depending on the model change the jets. If you need to readjust he jets it is all the way in for LP. For NAT you need to go by the flame color - should be blue no yellow. Also on some of the Vulcan models the pilot adjustment for the oven is on the safety valve. On these models it will be missing from the temperature control and well marked on the safety valve. On some models they used flame switches or electronics to control the pilot. Without your model number I'm not going to comment on those variations

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Thank you for the reply. My biggest worry is that the gas continues to flow after the pilot goes out. I haven't worked on a gas range, but I have worked on some older furnaces, ventless gas heaters, water heaters. in all these cases if the pilot goes out, a manual over-ride is required to keep the pilot gas running long enough to heat the thermocouple. Does the stove use a similar system. Also, regarding the question about pressure and type of gas, I was told that the stove has been used for many years. Could the gas valve be going bad?


I think we need @ladytech advise on this one. She's the real professional.


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