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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 shuts down every 2-3 minutes.

Hi, I have a phone that shuts down every 2-3 minutes. I already changed the battery twice, both original. When charging it jumped from 1% - 37% to 78%. I have tested other batteries and had it factory reset, so it cant be a bad battery.

Anyone with a good solution?


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Have you tried restoring it? If you do, choose “set up as new” because it may be a software issue. Hopefully that fixes it!

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Tried restoring both in DFU and Recovery mode. Still the same. :(


Only other times i have seen this in my store, is when the logic board is going bad and causing major errors, and later confirmed by apple.


Was there a specific chip that caused the board to go bad?


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