Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Often will not turn off using "off" button.

Tried reset and restore. Often won't turn off and runs down the battery after screen dims, so I cant just leave it on. Every other function works well. 30 gb model MA146LL. Any help would be appreciated!

When I try to turn it off, I press and hold the pause/play button to do so. This works whether I am in a menu or playing a song. Interestingly, I just synced and charged the i-pod and it is working fine. But that will not last.

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John Tindor, there is no real 'Off' on the iPod.

If you hold the Play/Pause button for a few seconds, it goes into Sleep mode. If you hold the Play/Pause button for a few seconds, and don't use it for about 8-14 hours, it will go into Hibernate mode, where it will show the Apple logo when it turns back on again, as if it's rebooting. There is more info about this on here and here as well Hope this helps and clarifies it a bit. Good Luck.

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