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Smudge mark in middle of display

I just recently replaced the display and digitizer of an iPad mini and now have a large smudge where the screen and digitizer seem to touch, any fixes would be appreciated

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When reassembling an iPad, you have to be very careful about fingerprints on all three surfaces. Replacement parts usually come with a thin plastic cover so you should only remove them at the very end of the process. Still, it's easy to get a finger print on one of the surfaces. The best way to clean the LCD, which is scratches very easily is to use a Lenspen to wipe away any residue or oils. The same applies to the inside surface of the digitzier.

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Sorry, but it isn't a finger print. Looks more like a giant ink stain in the dead center, it goes away if I apply suction to the center of the digitizer and pull up on it


The digitizer shouldn't be able to touch the LCD. You'll need to open it up again to see if there is anything inside that might be causing the LCD to balloon up or the digi to sag down. Does the LCD work when you power the device?


It's usually either one of these:

Digitiser protective tape behind screen not peeled off

Battery is pushing against the display

iPad metal frame is bent

LCD Display screws are not installed.


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