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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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MBA slow after clean install

So i bought a used macbook air, got it sent from the previous owner. Have been advised about high fan speed issue, and a solution- mac fan speed program, that solved it. So i got a working laptop with high sierra. Since it is a used model i thought i might give it a clean install just to be sure. Started the install from USB like i did many times. Took about an hour and when the system was up and running again to my utter surprise it has gotten painfully slow... Stuck here, have no idea what to do.

Since it was working fine earlier today as it arrived, I assume it's a software issue/user error on my behalf!?

Additional info: tried SMC reset, task manager doesn't show any cpu hogging process. Before i reinstalled there were 2 partitions that i merged, its a 128 GB SSD model. Tried AFTP and mac os extended format before reinstall, doesn't seem to make a difference. When i was starting the boot option tool there was a windows option shown as well, so i guess the previous owner was a bit of tinkerer :(

Appreciate all the help!

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Your high fan spin already suggests a sensor problem usually from a liquid spill.

First try to boot without the battery ( problems with the batt can cause slowing your mac)

if is still slow folow this tutorial to remove the logic board and inspect it for any traces of corrosion

If you find corossion first of all take a photo for later use and then try and clean it with alcohol (not brandy or wiskey but pure alcohol 90 degrees) if you are lucky maybe this could solve your problem:

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Thank you so much for your answer. I think you are absolutely right, most likely spill accident, that the previous owner forgot to mention. After countless failed attempts, a sleepless night and hours spent on google, I stumbled upon this solution :

Did the described procedure (not so much of an IT genius, so have little understanding of what i did), and it is working again. Or at least like it did before the reinstall. So the question in the end is: is it safe to use the macbook after the described procedure? Thinking about overheating/ Galaxy note 7 syndrome?


Overriding SMC is a dangerous game! You're playing Russian Roulette here. You really need to get the sensor issue fixed or just replace the logic board or trackpad depending on what sensor if failing.

There's lots of junk sold over the radio and TV which has hurt or killed people. These snake oil sales are just not safe! This is no different.


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