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GE microwave blows line fuse within seconds of starting

When unit is started-it will hum loud then blows fuse, I removed the primary leads to trans and the light,turntable fan and display work fine. I have tested the trans, magnetron, cap and hv diode more than once and they all appear fine I even checked the hv diode with a9 volt battery in series. If I plug the primaries back in and start it -it still will but the Trans hums loudly but did not blow the fuse, ( I only ran it for 5 sec each time) So am I guessing that it is the trans since its secondary leads are not plugged in ? Thanks.

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Process of elimination- primary only on transformer and hummed very loud , tried a different trans and once again only plugged in the primary's and it purred so I wired up the cap, hv diode and megatron and it works purr-fect ! Only thing that bothers me is that the loud transformer when tested multiple times showed primary , secondary windings and hv tap all showed good - so I'm stumped why it was loud but tested ok ?

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