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G Priv 1 wont turn on after update!

I was updating my G Priv 1 and while the update software was installing, the the program went unresponsive and I had to force close it. Now my G Priv won't turn on and my computer won't recognize the usb device. Is the mod totally bricked or is there a way for me to revive it?

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Hey David,

Unfortunately, if the device is disconnected while updating firmware/software, it usually bricks the device, unless you would like to lean microsoldering. If you would, I would reccomend watching these videos, or these ones. Also, check out this guide. Sadly, I faced a similar problem with a $50,000 laser engraver. Luckily, it was only $800 dollars to replace some parts, but in your case, I don't know if it will be that easy (but much cheaper!).

Hope this helps,


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