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Repair and disassembly guides for electronic keyboards.

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Why does Casio CZ-5000 stop outputting audio?


I have an old Casio CZ-5000. Unfortunately, it has an issue where the sound cuts in and out. So, I can play a few notes with sound and the a few will have no sound. Sometimes it will stop outputting sound all together. It has buzzing at times also. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot / fix?

Midi works fine. Something just seems wrong with audio output or something related. I've tried the headphone jack as well as the Left and Right 1/4 inch outputs. Thanks.

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You mentioned that there is a buzzing sound at times.

Here is an image of the power amp circuit taken from the service manual (see link below) that shows that there is a relay in the audio output stage. I'm wondering if the relay is making the buzzing sound.

If it is not then you may have to start testing to see where the audio is being lost. It may be easier to start at the audio output and work back into the amp section

Hopefully it is in the Power Amp board and not back in the digital to analogue converter section.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Here is a link to the service manual for your keyboard.

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Thanks for your help! How should I go about looking for issues? Are there tools that I should use? I can check for loose wires / broken solder. I'm pretty new to electronic troubleshooting. Thanks again.



Having a DMM (Digital Multimeter) is a good start when trying to locate problems. Also being able to "read" a circuit diagram helps as well.

Initially ears and eyes are important as well ;-)

As I said, locate the relay on the Amp board and then check if it is making the buzzing sound.

If it is then you can use the DMM to check that the operating voltage to turn on T5 is constant or even the correct value and then go on from there.

If it is not the relay then you may have to do voltage checks around the power amps section etc.

Be careful that you do not "bridge" a DMM test lead probe between two adjacent component's connection points, when testing as you may cause more damage.

It may be prudent to do "static' testing (i.e. test with the power totally removed from the keyboard) using the DMM's Ohmmeter function to prove continuity of the audio path especially if you suspect a dry solder joint.

You could also make up a speaker (place a capacitor is series with one lead to prevent DC short circuits when testing, AC -audio will pass through) with two probes, one with an alligator clip so that you can go between earth (clipped lead ) and points along the audio path to see where you can pick up constant audio and then interrupted or no audio to localize the problem area.

i.e. lead > speaker in > speaker out > cap in > cap out > lead (capacitor should be at least 25VW 1uF)

Good Luck


Thanks again! I will learn as much as I can and give it a shot. I can mark this as solved and comment later I suppose.


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Block Image

I tested the audio path in the M5153 AS1M injecting audio to the 3 pin input conector and the sound through the outputs and the headphones was ok.

In my case sounds everything distored L and R the same thing, but not an” analog distortion” it sounds like a a bad DA conversion. I have disassembled all the boards, check the soldering, wires, power supplies DC levels and ripple check + - 15V and 5V…..I have clean some humidity stains with isopropyl alcohol….reassembled all the parts….but the issue still happening.

I have no luck.

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