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Budget laptop released by HP in 2014.

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Problem with my HARD DRIVE. It's not being recognized!

Good afternoon. I recently bought a laptop "HP 250 G6" brand new. When i booted it it was okey. After 3 hours when i tried to open it, it said "boot device not found". I called HP support and they said to run a hard disk diagnostic. I did it and it said that there is no hard drive inside. I sent it back to them to send me a new laptop "DOA" but they said that they also have to see the problem and then they are gonna send me a new one. They sent me an e-mail saying that their diagnostic didn't find the problem and that the hard drive is ok. Do you have an idea of what could have happen?

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Run a utility like Hiren's Boot CD and see if the hard drive shows up in HDAT2. If it doesn't show up there, there's an issue with the replacement laptop. While this usually isn't sufficient on it's own with HP, it will give you some leverage to get another replacement laptop. More then likely it's a dead hard drive.

What I would do with HP is run that utility and check for the hard drive. If it doesn't show up, then I'd run HP Diagnostics and see. If you have an issue and it comes up in two places, HP's hands are tied and they will have to do something. If you have another issue with the 2nd replacement I'd return the laptop and find something else.

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The cable could be disconnected, or the connector on the hdd could be damaged by dropping or moving the laptop but thats very unlikely.

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Is it possible for the HDD to be dead?


thats odd. I hate in when something happens and you try to show someone else then it does not do it when they are watching. but thats really weird with an HDD. they usually die and stay dead. maybe it was a software issue?


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