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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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My tv blinks 9 times

My tv blinks 9 times what should I do??

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It's a panasonic th-46pz80u and it blinks 10 times when I plug it in it trying to come on but won't


I have Panasonic th-40ds500d/2016 it's getting red light 9 time blinking.which board problem.the screen totally get black after 9 time blink


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@awgrizz you are not giving us a lot to work with. We would need the complete model number and what you have checked etc. For the Panasonic TV's teh 9 blink error code is usually generate by "communication error between panel MPU and SYS-MPU" Most common failure for that is from the A-board (main board). As you see it can get pretty involved. So first let us know the model, then let us know what you tried. Last if you are up to it, remove the back of your TV and take plenty of pictures of all of your boards. Post those with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag for that.

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I have a Panasonic TCL42d30, I replaced the main board I was getting 14 blinks and now I am getting 10 blinks. What else is wrong?


The part I replaced was TNPHo958


I have a Panasonic veria model TUC2AX0631 you can hear the relay when you push the on /off button then the red light on one of the boards on the back goes dim like it has low voltage and the relay drops out . It blinks nine times and I don’t have the remote I just sold my home and I guess it’s in one of the boxes but haven’t located it yet . I have power to the board for a min . I did not see any hot spots are damage to the boards . I tighten all the ground screws . Tried holding the power button down after removing the power source. for thirty sec no change I have the back off and I’ll take pics . I removed the connections providing power to the other boards to see if it would clear the blinking light on the front panel . Hey on one of the panels was faulty . I do remember the on /off switch you had to do it a certain way to get the tv to come on when i had a remote .


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