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2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache.

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EFI MacBook Pro bypass

my dad gave me a macBook pro model a1425 ... so long ago he did not use the macbook so he forgot his firmware password (EFI) so I can open the macbook I need the password. Someone helps me to overcome this password please

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There's no way to overcome an Efi password lock without getting into low level Efi programming and you'll need appropriate hardware and knowledge. You would need investing money and unless you're skilled in firmware coding quite some time and study to understand what needs to be done.

Chances to brick your Mac would be present in any case. It's not a simple job, Apple invests valuable resources into protecting safety & security.

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What do I really have to do?


Forgot to mention the easiest solution, sorry. Since it's your father's Mac it will be sufficient to find the purchase documents/invoice to prove you legitimately own the computer and go with those to the nearest Apple center. They'll have no problem to remove your Efi password and reset it within short.


@therealjayvi I appreciate your knowledge on the matter and whoever helps shining some brightness on little known things. However, your own webpage lists a so long list of things needed and prerequisites that would discourage any average Joe right from the beginning. On top of that, if one is not into coding, all procedures to be followed after having satisfied all prerequisites are just a bunch of meaningless commands to be typed and hope there's no error in copy/paste or you have to restart anew or brick the machine for the worst. To add to that, there's a handful of people commenting your post claiming they've followed the steps accurately and not having reached the expected results, all unanswered for further troubleshooting. I wouldn't call your solution something _easy and straightforward_ to be recommended to everybody having an EFI locked Mac.


@arbaman Well....nobody said it was easy or straightforward, though I have provided enough information to allow somebody multiple options to succeed. If said person would rather I handle it for them - I offer to personally handle it; though if said person prefers to be hands-on - the video series + written step-by-step directions will suffice; or if said person doesn't trust sending the device in, nor themselves enough to perform the steps - i provide a tool that will do it for them. My point being mainly that it is by no means as difficult as this thread has made it out to be. Easy? Depends....though definitely not as difficult as it has been made out to be.


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apple not gonna help unless you have proof of purchase and then even so they will try to get you to trade it in to buy a new one and give you pennies in return. as far as fixing it yourself I don't recommend unless you really have knowledge of electrical engineering and experience with removing and soldering ic chips. the easiest thing to do for a basic DIY do it yourself with some skill is to just swap out the motherboard with a clean unlocked one might cost you a few hundred but thats way better than ending up with a expensive doorstop i would estimate 300-400 tops with good local guy. don't even bother with apple all their boards seem to be 900-1000 when you ask them. Just another ploy to get you to buy a new one.

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