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The fourth generation of HP's low-cost, 11.6 inch Chromebook 11, released in 2015.

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How do I Get Forced Re- Enrollment Off of my Chromebook?

I have an old Hp Chromebook 11 G4 from my school(No it's not stolen). I have tried almost every way possible of getting this off of the computer. I've even tried to do my own little twist of things that I thought might work and I can't get passed the "developer mode has been blocked by your administrator" screen. If I could get some answers that would be so awesome. By the way, I know that I can replace the HDD/SSD, but it is soldered to the motherboard and I would not really like to spend the money on a new one. I will honestly try ANYTHING AND EVEYRTHING that people suggest on here and I'll let you know if it worked or not.

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Unfortunately you cannot, once a device is enrolled the only way to remove that feature would be to de-provision it which can only be done from the Google Admin console. This means that only authorized google admin’s at the school are capable of doing this. Assuming you have in fact acquired the Chromebook legitimately with proof, you can simply ask the technician to un-enroll it for you. Otherwise you are completely out of options. This is done purposely to prevent theft and Google offers bounties to anyone who can bypass the system.

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